20-884 Lublin, 5/B Milenijna Str., tel: +48 81 7430150, tel/fax: +48 81 7431150

http://www.pztkd.lublin.pl   e-mail: info@pztkd.lublin.pl




21st July 2009




Dear Masters and Instructors,









It is with a great pleasure that you and your students are invited to the 3rd European Cup on the 9th-11th October in Lublin, Poland.


With our proven track record we are committed to providing a well run and exciting competition for the competitors and spectators. The competition is open to blue belts and above for ages above 14 years (competitors must be born in the year 1995 or earlier).


Please take the time to read the following information. If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us at the above address.


We look forward to meeting you at the competition.




Yours in Taekwon-Do,





Tadeusz Łoboda


Polish Taekwon-do Association



1.0 Venue, Dates and accommodation


1.1 Dates

The competition will be held on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October 2009. All competitors must register and weigh in on Friday 9th October 2009 at the Huzar Hotel,  from 11am-6 pm. Participants will depart on Monday 12th October.


1.2 Venue

The competition will be held at “Globus” Sports Hall, Kazimierza Wielkiego 8 Street, Lublin. See website: http://www.mosir.lublin.pl/



hala widownia do netu.jpg - 486x324 - 202.34 kb





Lublin is situated only 150 kilometers from Okęcie Airport in Warsaw and about 170 kilometers from Jesionka Airport in Rzeszow.


  • Rzeszow Jesionka Airport


Teams arriving by plane to Jesionka Airport in Rzeszów may visit the website: http://www.rzeszowairport.pl/en







·        Okecie Airport in Warsaw


Delegations arriving by plane to Okecie Airport in Warsaw may visit the website:

From Okecie Airport you have the following options to get to Lublin:

Take the bus no 175 (Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego Warsaw Transport Authority ZTM) from airport to Jan Pawel II Street, the ticket costs about 2,8 PLN per person. There you may take a minibus to Lublin, the ticket costs about 25 PLN per person.

On Jana Pawla II street, where you can get by bus no 175 (ZTM), there is Railway Station Warszawa Centralna, where you can take the train to  Lublin. If you are interested you may visit website: http://rozklad-pkp.pl/?q=en/node/143

The organizer can arrange transportation from airports to Lublin. In this case the organizer does not cover the cost of transportation to Lublin. The transportation will cost 600 PLN for mini bus with 18 seats and 650 PLN for bus with 20 seats from Warsaw to Lublin and the same cost of departure. 

Please contact our office at info@itfeurope.org to arrange transport for your team. 

To the Sports Centre.

Lubelski Sportowy Taekwon-do Club will provide a shuttle service for competitors and umpires between the hotel and the sports centre.


1.3 Accommodation and board


HOTEL Lublin, Podzamcze Street 9

Price – 125 PLN/ day for a person with a full board

160 places in single, double and triple rooms


Hotel Huzar, Lublin Spadochroniarzy 7 Street,

Price –140 PLN/day for a person with the full board




* First meal – dinner on 9th  October, last one –breakfast on 12th October.

* The numbers of places in the hotels are limited, the order of sent application decided about possibility of booking in each hotel.

* The hotel day starts at 12 am






Please see the attached details concerning the hotel and complete the form available on the website www.pztkd.lublin.pl or www.itfeurope.org when registering the competitors.
The hotel must be paid in advance either by bank transfer or cash.



If you book a place in a hotel and you will bring less people, you will have to pay for all reserved places.


2.0 Preliminary timetable:

9th  October 2009 (Friday)

From 12.00               Arrival and accommodation of teams

(Meeting point – HQ at Hotel Huzar)

                       16.00-18.30               Weight in and doctor’s examination

                       18.30-19.00               Approval of application and drawing

                       19.00-20.00               Dinner

                       20.00-21.00               Coaches meeting

                       21.00                        Umpires meeting

10th October 2009 (Saturday)

                         7.30                       Breakfast

                         9.00-16.00               Qualifiers in pattern and sparring,

Awarding ceremony of the finalist in categories ended during the day

15.30-16.45               Lunch

                       18.00-20.00               Final gala Warriors’ Night

Final sparring in the chosen categories,

Awarding ceremony,

Demonstration and artistic performance

                       21.00                        Dinner

11th October 2009 (Sunday)

                         7.30                       Breakfast

                         9.00-14.00               Qualifiers and finals – sparring, awarding ceremony

                       14.00-16.00               Lunch

16.00-19.00               Qualifiers and finals – sparring, awarding ceremony

Closing ceremony


3.0 Rules and requirements


3.1 Rules

The competition will be run in accordance with the AETF competition rules.


3.2 Competitor Requirements

Competitors must be of blue belt grade or higher and be aged above 14 years old. The minimum age of 14 years must be attained by the competitor during the year 2009 (minimum year of birth 1995).

Only clubs and schools, that have a valid ITF plaque certificate, and/or national teams, representing countries that have paid the annual fee to the AETF, may take part in the European Cup.





3.3 Referee Requirements

All clubs or schools with more than 5 competitors taking parts in EC must bring at least 1 referee. Organizer will cover the costs of accommodation and board for the umpires. All clubs


and schools with less than 5 competitors taking part in the competition may bring a referee but are not required to do so.


3.4 Protection Equipment Requirements

As per the AETF safety guidelines. All competitors must wear the approved TOP TEN Sparring equipment for this competition. No other equipment can be used, therefore for people who have not got TOP TEN equipment there will be some TOP TEN gloves and feet pads available for use.


4.0 FEES


4.1 Competitor Fees

Individual entry fees are €60 Euros per competitor.

No refunds will be given for any reason even if a competitor is disqualified.


4.2 Spectator Fees

The cost for spectator fees are 10.00 PLN for adults and 5.00 PLN for children for Final Gala Warriors’ Night, on Saturday  6 pm – 8 pm, 10th October 2009,

Eliminations are for free for spectators.



Must wear either a training suit or a T-shirt and pants and running shoes while coaching.
Only one (1) coach of a country is allowed entering the coaching zone at the same time.
Only a coach can present an official protest.



    The 1st deadline is 5th of September – up to this date we have to know exact number of participants.
    Due to the fact that in October is the highest season for hotels and the Organizing Committee has to pay 70 % of total fees the exact number of participants has to be known not late then on September 5th.
    The 2nd deadline is 30th of September – up to this date you have to finish online registration.

 Please complete the forms online at www.pztkd.lublin.pl or www.itfeurope.org Please ensure that the forms are filled out correctly, as mistakes will incur a further charge or result in disqualification.






7.1 Entry Changes

Please note that changes to entries made after the 2nd deadline will incur a charge of 25 Euros each. Once a competitor has entered an event(s) no refunds will be given if the competitor decides to withdraw from an event(s).


7.2 Weigh-In

At registration on Friday 9th October 2009, if any competitor has not made their weight they will be disqualified from that event.



The referee’s decision is final.



The hosts reserve the right to amalgamate/change events on the day of the competition.

9.1 Individual Patterns

                In all bouts the competitors will perform an optional and designated pattern.       

Individual Pattern for Juniors (14 – 18 years old, competitors born in  1995 – 1991):

Juniors will be divided as follows Female and Male and divisions

Blue - Red Belts and Black Belts: Ist Degree, IInd Degree, IIIrd Degree.

Individual Patterns for Seniors (+ 18 years old)

Seniors will be divided as follows Female and Male and divisions

Blue – Red Belts and Black Belts: Ist Degree, IInd Degree, IIIrd Degree, IVth - VIth Degree


Competitors born in 1991 can take part as a junior or as a senior, but they must decide before the tournament in which category they would like to participate.

Individual Patterns will be played in a pyramid system.


9.2 Team Pattern

For Juniors and Seniors, female and male team must consist of  minimum 5 members .


9.3 Individual Sparring

Groups in sparring:

·        Advanced: 1st Degree – 6th Degree

·        Color belts Blue - Red: 4th – 1st Cup


·        Junior female:   Individual sparring: -45, -50, -55, -60, +60 kg;

·        Junior male:      Individual sparring: -52, -58, -63, -70, +70 kg;

·        Senior female:  Individual sparring: -52, -58, -63, -70, +70 kg;

·        Senior male:     Individual sparring: -54, -63, -71, -80, +80 kg;

Sparring categories will by played in a repasage system (up to two losses):

-        for seniors 2 x 2 min, repasage 1 x 2 min

-        for juniors 2 x 1,5 min, repasage 1 x 1,5 min

If in any category will be less than 4 competitors, the organizers have right to combine this category with a neighboring category.


9.4 Team Sparring

For Juniors and Seniors, female and male team must consist of  minimum 3 members.